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Larry’s World

Larry’s World owner Larry Hughey fell in love with motorcycling in the early 70’s. In 1975 he opened his first motorcycle accessory shop and has been designing his own accessories every since.

Larry’s designs proved very popular with both casual and professional riders alike. He’d spend time in the pits at pro races and giving samples out to the likes of Jim Pomeroy, Billy Grossi, and the man himself, Roger Decoster.

In the decades since opening his first shop motorcycling never left his blood, which is why he decided to open Larry’s World.

Larry’s World is a DIY Motorcycle oil change shop aimed at giving riders everything they need to take care of their bikes:

  • Airlifts for convenient maintenance.

  • Larry’s World desposes of used oil so you don’t have to.

  • Free Wifi.

  • All tools supplied.

  • Reasonable Pricing.

Located at 437 Gradle. Dr. in Carmel, Larry’s world is a Lucas Oil dealer and handles Red Line Oil.